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Introspections, Feels, and Whatnot

Becoming a Desert Rat elevation icon Posted Mar 19, 2016

My same obsession for the mountains of last fall followed me to the desert, for which I’ve definitely developed a hopeless, asinine love. I've found myself spending hours looking into finding locations in the desert, inspired by a combination of wanting more after stumbling on interesting spots, and reading the findings of people before me who are equally, or moreso, excited about the desert as I am. I’ll paint a picture, ... read more

Mountain Ranges and Validation elevation icon Posted Sep 30, 2015

I’ve come far with how I regard the concept of exploring. I don’t want to spend my time only seeing little tiny bits of each place. I want to make my lifestyle about seeing everything everywhere. Yeah, that includes living in a car, not owning... things, having a specific place to call home, and not focusing on adulting, but that's exactly what feels right. I want to see every mountain ... read more

New Spaces in Old Places elevation icon Posted Aug 14, 2015

I guess it’s natural to yearn for places that leave you with good memories. I remember specific moments growing up in my local New Jersey county parks when I would wander into an off-trail section of the park and become so excited to have found something new. Really, it’s still just trees and maybe a new hill, or a slightly different overlook into a river, but it’s enough to spark ... read more

Southern Sun Satisfactions elevation icon Posted Jul 21, 2015

There's really nothing like saying goodbye to climber friends after a weeklong trip together. Some call it PCTD (Post Climbing Trip Depression). Despite the ridiculous amount of alone time I have, I do need a bit of time well spent with familiar faces, and after a week in the New River Gorge at HomoClimbtastic (much anticipated LGBT climbing convention), I got my fix of having people around. Though, the PCTD ... read more

Heading Back West elevation icon Posted Jul 15, 2015

It would have been nice to say goodbye to my favorite people and places in Upstate New York / New Jersey and go for a few more runs in local parks for a few more days, but I had to leave almost a bit prematurely for a climbing trip in the New River Gorge. I've only been home for a bit over a month, but this is my last time ... read more

Limitations elevation icon Posted May 19, 2015

I got to Great Basin National Park (my first destination of many) and was greeted by a blizzard. I wanted to see the glacial lakes, take in the view of the otherwise almost completely desolate state of Nevada from far above, and explore some new and interesting hikes. I post-holed for a half-mile before my preceding hiker had given up and turned back. Left with only snowy wilderness, I also ... read more

Feeling Wiggly elevation icon Posted May 15, 2015

I'm making the right choice, I think. Though, I can't stop to think that I still have that restaurant to try, that route to climb, that mountain nearby, that relationship to be made. But for some reason, now is the time to go. It's hard to think about leaving San Diego, my home of 2015 so far. I think I have learned that chapters in my life can end by ... read more

The Three Saints elevation icon Posted Apr 26, 2015

My current peak bagging mentality has been keeping my goal set on the Three Saints Challenge, a masochistic ascent of the three tallest peaks of the Southern California mountains in three consective days. The peaks in the order I did them: Mt. San Jacinto in the San Jacinto Mountains (Day 1), Mt. San Gorgonio in the San Bernardino Mountains (Day 2), and Mt. San Antonio in the San Gabriel Mountains (Day 3). Day 1 was Jacinto, ... read more

Quality and Quantity elevation icon Posted Apr 20, 2015

It's been about three months since I got to San Diego, and I think the quantity of day hikes is starting to noticeably pay off. Aside from feeling more able to hike strenuous summits, I'm understanding the SoCal landscape more intimately. Starting in the desert three months ago and exploring the local hikes, to branching out northeast, and now northwest, I have seen some interesting progression in the mountains. Since the ... read more

Challenges of All Sorts elevation icon Posted Mar 31, 2015

Once in a while, I wonder where I'm going and I question what I'm doing because sometimes it honestly seems a bit silly. Having to answer the same questions of "Where do you shower?" and "Where are you staying?" gets a bit tedious, and over time puts me in a crummy mindset. Sometimes I get stuck in a weird rut where I entertain the idea that I'm running from something, ... read more

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